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Poker program Cepheus is unbeatable, claim scientists ... It may not win every hand it is dealt, but over time, no one can beat Cepheus, a computer program that scientists claim plays a near-perfect game of poker. Hand for Hand Definition Poker - Definition of Hand for Hand Hand for hand is a multi-table situation that occurs during the latter stages of a poker tournament. During hand-for-hand play, each table must wait for all other tables to complete their hands before starting play on another hand. Gamedesire Poker : Vector Playing Cards, PokerGrapher ...

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One Billion Online Hand Database — Red Chip Poker Forum In a recent podcast Doug mentioned that there is a one billion hand database of online hands out there.

There are however poker analysis softwares that can filter hand histories. With programs like PokerTracker or Hold'em Manager, you can input your hand histories and filter your result statistics as required.

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Poker program Cepheus is unbeatable, claim scientists | Science ... Jan 8, 2015 ... Cepheus learned poker by playing over a billion billion hands ... With each game Cepheus played, the program built up a database of cards ... Hand History Definition Poker - Poker King What is a Hand History in online poker? ... In fact, entire online databases of hand histories have a sprung up around this concept. A player can search for a ... A competitive Texas Hold'em poker player via automated abstraction ...