X99 board with 2 m.2 slots

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X99 boards have BCLK "straps" of 125, 167, etc, but I thought those were supposed to be independent of other system clocks like the PCIe clock. Mainstream Intel boards can have the same type of BCLK straps, but it is not clear if they do or do not affect other system clocks. A Z87 board I use has BIOS...

THe X99-A comes with one M.2 slot, shown in Figure 3. However, this slot supports only PCI Express M.2 cards, and is not compatible with SATA M.2 modules. As explained, this slot shares bandwidth ... Gigabyte GA-X99P-SLI the first X99 board with I... | Adobe ... gigabyte is one of the top mfg's for parts, along with asus, but didn't seem to have good features with their x99 boards. looks like thats changed and this could be a great board, especially at its price. to find an asus mbd that could 4-way sli would cost almost 2x this mbd. i also like the reinforced pcie slots for big/heavy gpu's. i looked at the manual, it doesn't seem to clearly say if ... X99 motherboard roundup: 7 motherboards reviewed | PC Gamer

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U.2 Is The Future. The new X99 boards have some new and identical features. First of all, they all feature eight RAM slots and push the U.2 port. Haven’t heard of U.2? Intel wants U.2 to replace SATA. U.2 is like M.2, only a cabled port for U.2-compatable 2.5” SSDs. Now, there’s only one U.2 SSD right now -- the Intel 750 NVMe starting at ... Gigabyte - GA-X99-SLI ATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard One of the things that makes this motherboard so good, is a very intelligent PCI-E lane layout. Most X99 motherboards seem to have such an awful lane allocation when using a 28-lane CPU like the 5820K I currently have, wherein PCI-E slots are setup as x16/x0 or even x8/x4 if using multiple GPU's.

Sep 26, 2014 · The primary M.2 slot (marked Key-E), 6-pin PCIe auxiliary power connector, front panel audio header, and a chassis fan header are located in the upper left corner of the board…

Aug 01, 2015 · M.2 slots are (currently) found on two platforms: X99 (LGA 2011-3) and Z97 (LGA 1150.) While M.2 support isn't required for X99, I can't think of any X99 system boards I've seen that don't have an M.2 slot (after all, when you have up to 40 PCI-e lanes, why wouldn't you have an M.2 slot or two?) Not all M.2 slots are created equally.

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From motherboards sporting M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 slots to others with support for a ridiculous amount of SATA ports, ASRock has jumped into the fast lane in the past… X99 Motherboards Round-up: ASUS, MSI, EVGA, ASRock & Gigabyte Here is a round-up of all the Haswell-E X99 motherboards released and a comparison of how each manufacturer's offerings compete with the other. Asus X99-A II | Pricemania